Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Dolphin and Norah the Explorer Come to Visit

Dolphin drove his family all the way up from Utah. DeA rewarded him with spray whipped cream.
 No trip to Manson would be complete without a visit to the lake. Dolphin came prepared.

 Rock had to bug out for a day to complete his Hunter Safety Class. He aced his written test.
 He aced the field test.
 And he aced the "Tell Stevie that those earmuffs aren't going to do much good there" test.
 Dustin, Marissa and DeA were waiting anxiously for Rock and I so that they could take me to a Jack Johnson concert. Norah came with us and was ready the action.
 It was a beautiful night, once the temperature came down a bit. 
 We don't have the cute pink earmuffs that Norah had.

   We ended up getting home around 2:30 in the morning. The next day we were able to observe the Judd tradition of sleeping on the couch.
 That evening we took them up to the knoll to show off the fun.
 Grandma and Grandpa came up for the excitement.

  There was just too much excitement for Jens to handle.
 Grandpa Dale had some BBQ certificates to blow through, so we enjoyed dinner together.

 I ditched work on Tuesday to boat everyone up to Stehekin. Dolphin and Rock were ready.
  The lake was perfect, maybe the smoothest that I had ever seen the entire way.
 The kids and Dustin enjoyed the rhythmic jostling of the waves and the soothing, constant sound of the engine.

 Rock announced to the entire boat that he had to pee right then and there. So we stopped and let him do his thing.
  Finally we made it to Stehekin and the bakery. The cinnamon rolls were still warm.
 The next stop was Rainbow Falls. 
  We spent the better part of an hour playing in the water. Jared, Nya and Alan were there with their kids. They taught my kids how to scale the side of the waterfall and get stuck on the second level. 

 Next, we ran up to High Bridge and let the kids spit into the turquoise water running 30 feet below us.
  The lake was still perfect on the way home, and the kids alternated between sleeping in the bow and cuddling with DeA.
 Ryker was glad for the opportunity to take care of Norah the Explorer.

 On the way home the kids begged for the opportunity jump in the water. We found a quiet spot that didn't look too cold and threw them overboard. 

 Ryker was ready to get home.
 Dustin was just happy to be on the boat.

 Funshine was super tired but still loving the ride.

Summer of Fun!!

The kids have enjoyed spending early summer nights up on the knoll. They've done lots of marshmallow roasting.
Sometimes there aren't enough seats to go around and the kids have to make their own seat.
Ryker knows that the perfect marshmallow starts with the perfect angle.
The nice thing about the knoll is the room to roam and explore.
The views from up there are pretty neat.
Dirty face and cute smile must mean that Jens is having fun.

The summer nights wear out poor lil' Ryker.
Lil' pyro Ryker continued his obsession with fire.

The brothers were playing football in the backyard and Jens wanted to join in.
Rock's present for Father's Day was a round of golf. He added the stipulation that the round was only the two of us. We went to the Chelan Muni on a hot, hot summer day.
After about 8 holes he asked if he could sit down under a tree.
A Gatorade and a Snickers bar seemed to perk him back up.
The kids wanted to earn money which meant picking weeds. They filled that garbage bag after a good afternoon of work.