Wednesday, February 14, 2018

A Wild Night With the Kids

The kids and I wanted to go to a Wenatchee Wild hockey game, but DeA did not. A compromise was struck and I took the kids alone. The first stop was EZ's Drive Thru, with the hope that the kids wouldn't want as many expensive arena foods.
 Our seats were great, right behind the penalty box. 

 The kids were excited to harass the opponents in the penalty box.
 Ryker dressed dignified in his Canucks onesie. He never told me what he was wearing underneath it, so I'm pretty sure he was nekked. 
Nobody in the sin bin, yet. 
 They still wanted expensive arena treats, but were content to share the popcorn and cotton candy.
 Intermission was spent at the kid's zone shooting pucks at the goalie. 

 The kids were frustrated with the lack of penalties called on the other team.
 Our section won free coupons to Domino's! They were too excited to realize that all coupons are free, but still it was exciting.

 Family picture! 
You can tell that they had a good night by the way they all crashed out hard on the way home.

Christmas Break

Rock has been begging for us to take him to Echo Valley ski area every day and night. DeA finally loaded up the kids and sherpa'd them up there. 
 Before you ask: No, I'm not in the picture and I didn't go. I mistakenly stayed home after I was told that I didn't need to go. You would think that I would know better than to stay home after being told to stay home, but I screwed up and stayed home after being told to stay home. Trust me when I tell you that I paid for my mistake.
 Rock is ready to shred the slopes.
 Ryker took a little more time and patience to get ready for the ski hill. That was part of the reason I was in trouble for staying home after being told to stay home. 
 Almost there.
 "I have to pee"
 Jens was a little easier to get out the door, but that is partly because she doesn't need all the cool gloves and helmets and googles that her brodders require.
 It was a long and...well, we'll leave it at long, day. DeA crashed for a few hours in the middle of the living room, despite D-Rell, MadBum, and her own monsters making all sorts of noises around her. That was another part of the reason I was in trouble for mistakenly thinking I could stay home after being told to stay home. It was a rookie newlywed mistake.
 DeA took the kids to her Mom's for about a week and a half. I stayed home and entertained D-Rell and his family until Nick and Emily showed up from England. 

 We all spent New Year's together frying things, getting mad at each other over board games, and trying to convince the kids that it was time to yell and scream and go to bed, even though it was still light outside. 

 Dad drove me over to Spokane to surprise DeA and the kids when they landed. It was good to see the kids, and it was nice to avoid another mistake of believing DeA when she said I didn't need to come help her drive home.
 Jens thought it would be best to freshen up her makeup before the long drive home.
 See, so fresh.
 The kids all crashed in the car, but at least that made Doxie's Cafe nice and peaceful.

 Rock jumped right back in to shredding the slopes as soon as could talk someone into taking him up there.
Jens and I preferred more sophisticated sporting endeavors, so she helped me pop clay pigeons. 
 She can even reload them into the thrower for me.
 The youth had a sledding activity, since DeA and I both had to go we took the kids with us. Ryker had a ball burning marshmallows and then lobbing them at random peopl.e
It's always "safety first" at these activities. It might be Central American level safety, but it's still a form of safety.

Thursday, January 25, 2018


The boys had to miss the Turkey Bowl because of prior commitments (like going with Grandma and Grandpa to Utah to play with MAXAMILIANO!!). To make it up to them we held the Reindeer Game. Jens was not interested in playing football in 15 degree weather, so she stayed home and did her nails. She definitely learned that from her mother.
It was cold and the snow was crunchy, but it was a beautiful day.
We didn't get the biggest turnout for the game, but it was still a lot of fun.
Ryker has been playing Madden lately, so when his team had the ball I asked him what he wanted to do, he said "shotgun, flex right, Hawks dig". So we did and it worked, sort of.
Jens ultimately felt a little left out, so she decided she needed some alone time with me. We went to North Shore Cafe for lunch.
I ordered her a small shake, but apparently when you are cute like she is the small shake comes a little big.
She ordered fancy mac and cheese (chicken fetticcini alfredo) and slurped it up.
Rock had been bit by the snowboarding bug and is always trying to find some sweet powder to shred.
He knows how to work smarter, and not harder. He packs his board and hot cocoa in a sled for easy transportation.
D-Rell showed up the day before Christmas rocking his California man bun. He needs to get out of Cali before they turn him into a sandal wearing, no showering, sprout farting hippie.
He takes his Dora very serious.
Mom and dad have six kids, and yet Mom decided that only five pictures was enough to represent her children. Thank a lot, Mom.
Kids! Energy! Noise! Christmas!
Naked D-Rell!
MaxGato thought it would be fun to claw the everloving crap out of Jens' face.
A cool ice pack and some cuddles with Dad made things all better.
Rissa tried to read a Christmas book on Christmas Eve, the kids paid attention intermittently. 
Eventually the kids were put in their rooms and Santa Claus could begin his duties. 
The children said they were going to stay up all night. They made it to 10pm. 
Mommy only made it until midnight before she crashed.
Christmas Day began somewhere between 4:30 and 6am. The kids were obviously enthused with the prospect of great presents and candy. 

Jens asked for, and received, a hockey stick to use against her bigger brodders. 
She has it all figured out.
The boys begged for arm sleeves, like the kind that you wear when locking down a number one receiver
Ryker received his own computer for youtubing and Prodigying. 
Jens received some cool kitty cat earphones to wear while watching shows. Not having to hear Fuller House all night long is the gift I gave myself.
D-Rell was the cute little Christmas elf. At this point you may wonder where MadBum is; she did not want her picture taken and ran every time I tried. 
Jens finally figured a way to cover up her MaxGato scars.
The day of fun finally caught up to Ryker. What a Merry Christmas!