Sunday, May 21, 2017


This year Jens came to Spring Training as one of the boys. She was excited.
 We stayed in Seattle the night before we flew out. I'm surprised the kids slept despite their off-the-wall excitement.
 They were perfect on the flight down to Arizona! Lots of movies and Paw Patrol videos.
 The first night in Zona we stopped at Culvers for some delicious grub.
 KC came down from Utah to join the party.
 We rented a house about five minutes from the sports complex. Jens was great at doing her own hair.
 Ryker spent his vacation doing what he wanted: snuggled up and watching youtube videos.
  Jens was pretty excited to be one of the boys.
 First day of practice!
 D-rel and MadBug came with their mom.
 Jens loved having her little cuz to hang with. 
 Party time!!

 Selfie with Ryker
 Obligatory baseball pic!
 We've walked to Chick-Fil-A for lunch every day since we've been going down.
 More cousin time.

 We went to the Venezuela vs. Rangers game to watch guys like Miguel Cabrera and Carlos Gonzalez. It was a load of fun.

The next day Nick was watching the replay of the game and caught Rock playing on TV! 

The heat and the fun worked to knock the kids right out.

 Chino Bandido for dinner! 
 Rock tried using chopsticks. He did okay, but eventually gave up for utensils. 
 MadBum at our nightly Culver's run!

  Getting the kids to sleep at night was rarely a problem.
 The games are nice, but the practices are even better 

 Another day, another CFA run!

 They installed a fun Whiffle ball field at the Peoria Sports complex. The kids played for hours there.

 They also installed a water park feature that the kids loved, especially after getting all hot and sweaty. 
 Overall I think the kids had a ball

 Did I mention that we did a lot of CFA?

 The games were great despite being super hot.
 D-rell in da house!

 Ryker had a ball.
 Last night at Culvers in Jens' best pajamas. 
 There were some worn out kiddos.

 On the way to the airport we stopped at Waffle House. The kids loved getting in touch with their redneck roots.

 Jens dressed her best for the airport.
 She didn't last long on the plane before snoozing.
 "Where was DeAndra?" you may have asked. Well, she was hanging out with her sister for five days without any kids. She barely remembered that we existed.