Sunday, March 26, 2017

Wrapping Up Fall

Nick and I had fun hunting out by Colville. We didn't see any elk but we did see a few Moose.
 The weather was great and the scenery was awesome.
 Ryker is the cutest little sleeper.
 Jens was hanging out at the office with me while DeA was off getting her hair did or something. At lunch she came with me to the gym.
 She got bored watching shows and wanted to join in the fun.
 She was a great little workout partner.
 Ryker is quite the goober goose. 
 Jens is too.
 I have completely given up on trying to get the kids to sleep in their beds and I blame the Judd genes.

 Have I ever mentioned that Ryker has the best sad face, ever?

Rock was pretty proud of his football season.
 He drew this ninja turtle on my office door, it was so good I had to take a picture for posterity. 

Halloween Night

DeAndra dessed up as Baymax  from Big 
The kids were excited to be a football player, a ninja and a shopkin (whatever that is).
Rock has the classic quarterback form down

The kids, Baymax and some random Star Trek science officer were off to the fun.

By the end of the night Baymax was deflated.

MAXIMILIANO met us at Green Dot for post trick or treat dinner.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Neither DeA nor Janel wanted the kids to carve pumpkins in their homes, so we did it on the lawn in 40 degree weather. Jens didn't seem to mind.
Rock and Ryker really didn't care where it happened, they just wanted to feel the gooey pumpkin brains between their fingers.

The finished products look soooo sccccaaarrrryyyy!!
Trent and Janel went to Seattle for the weekend and left the kids with us. We decided that the best thing to do with seven kids is to go bowling.

MAXIMILIANO and his padres showed up, too.
Ryker has chill. Lots of chill.
Rock played his last football game at Cashmere. It looks so clean now, but after the game it was so wet and rainy that we couldn't get any pics to turn out.
Jens loves babies. This is Ruido and Irma's little girl.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Hunting with Ryker

This is Ryker. He loves sleep.
 He can crash and sleep almost anywhere, anytime. 
 It was surprising when he agreed to go hunting with me at 4:30 am. He was up and ready walk out the door. 
 He even seemed excited and happy to be up and about.
 He spotted with Gpa Dale while I hiked up the mountain. It was a beautiful view of the dawn.
 I climbed high enough to see up and down the lake. 

 Meanwhile, Ryker's energy was fleeting.
 Mommy's cinnamon rolls helped invigorate him.
 That night the Manson Business Association had a banquet and honored Dad as volunteer of the year. 
 It was an exciting night.
 More days hunting and still no deer.
 Where are the freaking deer?
 Stupid deer.
 At least Ryker got some sympathy after a hunt well done.