Friday, November 24, 2017

Hodgepodge Fall Stuff

Jens got to go to dinner with Mom. She thrives on that kind of attention.

 Reagan and her mom came to visit. They also brought Papa Dave and Mama Zista. The kids were in love with little Reagy. 
 She had plenty of attention. 

 The poor thing never had any time for herself. 

 We all went down to Wenatchee to watch Rock's football game. This isn't that game, but if I had not just told you that you would never had known.
To celebrate we enjoyed some victory Country Boys. Ryker loves pork ribs.
 Linds used an interesting technique to use Reagan's head as a secondary plate.
 The ride home was nice and quiet. Just the way I like it.
 DeA stopped by the school to see how the kids were doing, turns out they were doing just fine.

Hockey started before football was over, so Rock was plenty busy. He loves hitting things, either with his shoulder or a stick.

Jens and I built a cake for family dinner. She was in charge of frosting and it turned out...mostly frosted.

First Real Hunt With Rock

Rock endured the long evenings of Hunter Safety, he aced the field test and the written exam, and he found orange that fits. That means he can legally kill delicious game animals and roast their flesh over flame.
 It was a pretty spectacular morning.

 Too bad Rock missed it.
 Eventually he woke up and joined in the fun.
 We ran across a huge blue grouse just begging to be dinner:

Rock felt a little sheepish that he froze and missed his opportunity, but he was undeterred.

It was a fun morning, Rock was pretty tuckered out.
I don't know why the robe patrol is so tuckered out, but they were.

Haircut and Fancy Robes

The kids have needed haircuts, but have refused to let their mom or dad do the shearing. So we took them the barbershop and let them be the bad guys.
 Rock has been especially stubborn in wanting long hair. The compromise that he reached with his mother was this:
 Manson High School football is here, and Jens is ready to cheer them on to victory.
 Kindergarten has been tough, and Jens has been trying to find ways to relax. This is one of those ways.
 For FHE we made designs with foam and magnets. The kids were thrilled.

 Rock made a pretty great traditional Seahawks logo.
 Looks like DeA got into some black licorice.
 For some reason Ryker has become obsessed with having a comfy robe. Papa Dale got sick of hearing him talk about it and ordered him a plush blue one.
 He has been like a drunk old man ever since. He wears it around the house, he passes out sleeping in it and even tried to wear it to school.
 He loves that thing.

Making the Perfect Donut

General Conference is a great weekend for our family. Spending Sunday at home with the kids can get a little...overwhelming. A few Conferences ago I started a tradition to keep them from fighting: I asked them to help me make donuts. They love the entire process, but glazing the donuts is by far the favorite. 
 They like to line up to take turns to dip their fingers into the delicious, vanilla glaze.
 Ryker discovered the joys of fishing out the donuts with a skewer. He became pretty good at pulling them out without frying his hands as well.

But even fryer duty takes a back seat to glazing patrol.
 Somehow, despite the kids' help, we made a perfect donut. 
 It survived being pulled off of the parchment paper, and it made it into the oil while still perfectly round.
 Ryker couldn't believe the joy that he could feel from holding a donut so perfect, so round, and so delicious. 
 DeA didn't help, but she did stand behind us and laugh every time I had to speak enthusiastically at one of the kids. She was a great help.
 The glazing station didn't seem as great once the kids learned about taste tester duty. That immediately became the job to have.
 Glazed fingers are the best!

Ryker is trying to remind himself that he needs to stick to licking and not to bite into his delicious fingers.

 "So yummy!!"

Chelan County Fair

The kids love lots of things about the fair: the rides, the games, the animals and the delicious fried foods.
 I tried warning them that carnival games are rigged, but they insisted about playing anyway.
 Against all odds, they all won a stuffed animal. 
 We finished the fun day with brisket, ribs and pulled pork at Country Boys.
 Rock was so moved by the fair atmosphere that he started wearing a cowboy hat (the girl up the street that has been wearing cowboy hats didn't factor in to the situation at all).
 Grandpa and Grandma moved into a house at Wapato Point, that made the giant indoor pool accessible. Jens just might be growing gills and webbed feet.
 School is in full swing, which means Rock is spending each night reading. He tried Harry Potter, Sideway Stories from Wayside School, and Boxcar Kids. He finally discovered the joy that is Garfield. 
 Jens loves doing her homework. She asks to do it from the morning she gets home until the time she goes to bed.
 Football hasn't loved playing in Chelan, but he has made a lot of friends and is having a ball this year.
 DeA just loves watching football. Sitting on the sideline, trying to figure out which one is Rock, pretending to know what is happening in the game, ignoring the other's been a blast for her.
 The lovely Jensley.
School mornings can be difficult on poor Jensley. 
 She makes her mommy walk her up to the bus each morning. Sometimes Mommy has to push her up the hill.
 Mornings can be hard on poor Ryker, too.
 At least he puts on a brave face.