Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Winter Funstuff

The kids were promised that they would get to watch a Wild hockey game. The final game of the season arrived faster than I thought and we had to adjust quickly and go on short notice.
 It was such short notice that the kids didn't eat lunch or dinner, so they got expensive arena pizza.
 At least the seats were awesome.
 On Sunday we went up to the knoll and Ryker wanted to have a fire. We found some burnable things by the pile so we ended up playing by the garbage pile like the hicks that we are.

 Ryker pulled marshmallows out of nowhere. 
 He might be a magician. 

 Rock loved the marshmallows.
 DeAndra took out some frustrations on the glass in the pit.
 All that throwing and playing wore the ladies out.

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