Monday, May 1, 2017

Ryker and DeA's Birthdays

 Ryker wanted to go to Red Robin for his birthday dinner. At least his mac and cheese wasn't cold this time.
 Ryker got a sundae just like Rock received one from Bob's.
 Jens and I took DeA to Marcela's for her birthday lunch.

 For her party the kids showed off their bellies.

 Marissa made a pretty cool cake.
 Candles and singing!!
All Max wanted was the whipped cream.
And he tried to reach the cake.

DeA figured out how to keep Jens still while she gets her hair did.
DeA gets pretty worn out at times.


  1. That cake looks delicious! I don't blame max at all!

  2. Happy Birthday to Ryker and DeAndra! As always with your England celebrations, their days looked full of love and hijinks :)